10 Things I Love Sunday

It’s still almost 100° here in Nashville this week (😳) but it’s halfway through September, so I figured it was about time to add some fall vibes to the decor around here. It’s been a long time (like 20 years?) since I was into adding browns into my color scheme, but since I’m into it lately I guess it’s time for those camel-colored tones to shine! Here’s what else I’m loving lately …

1. This print for our upcoming playroom!

2. Coziest (and cutest) sweatsuit for fall.

3. I keep this lip balm in my nightstand as the last thing I do before getting into bed and it’s still my favorite lip balm I’ve ever used. I actually saw someone else get this lip balm as a gift and I was weirdly so excited for them, as I felt they didn’t realize how good their lips were going to have it now. I’m obsessed.

4. Should I incorporate these into a cute fall mantel decoration? Or maybe this and this together?

5. If you have kids with long hair that you want to keep out of their face, I realized that it’s so much easier to use these than the tiny clear rubber bands. The velvet helps it stay in fine toddler hair and if you use a color that matches their hair shade it will blend in, but it make their little messy bun/topknot look a little more full. I just had one but I bought a multi-pack so I can always have one nearby now!

6. I have a more dainty version in a cursive, but I’d like to get one of these name necklaces with Lola’s name for when the fancier looking one looks, well, a little too fancy for a super casual outfit.

7. My hairstylist told me this is amazing for getting a slick backed ponytail look and I’m dying to try it—it’s definitely expensive but I love that style and have a million baby hairs in three different lengths around my face (thanks to my postpartum journey). So a regular dry ponytail without the front slicked back is a bit of a fuzzy disaster at the moment …

8. Dream pillow! This one has a similar feel and I got two of the yellow to add some more fall tones to the house.

9. Love the artwork from this illustrator.

10. I always like to have a mini deodorant in my purse, so I got this non-toxic deodorant and it’s the perfect size!

I do love myself some summer but I think I’ll finally be OK with some fall temperatures around here sometime soon … hope it’s cooling off where you live! xo. Laura