11 Jewelry Organizers You’ll Want To Buy Or Make Immediately

Everybody has different needs when it comes to storing and organizing their jewelry. Some people have massive jewelry collections while others only have a few treasured pieces, and some people are willing to DIY while others would prefer to buy something that’s ready to use.

So with all of those factors in mind, I thought I’d put together a list of jewelry organizers with solutions for every type of person and situation. You’ll find an array of both DIY and store-bought options here, along with options for every budget and collection size.

No matter what you want or need, you’re sure to find a jewelry organizer you’ll love below!

11 DIY And Store-Bought Jewelry Organizers You’ll Love

1. Decorative Bowls

Inspiration from The Summery Umbrella.

If you have a drawer to spare in your vanity or dresser, use a set of small bowls to corral earrings, bracelets, watches, and other jewelry or small accessories. It’s cheap, easy, and doesn’t require and special tools or equipment.

2. DIY Cabinet Hardware Organizer

See the full project at Liz Marie Blog.

If you have some spare cabinet hardware lying around and a decent power drill, this DIY organizer will help you put them to good use. It features an eclectic assortment of drawer knobs to hang necklaces and bracelets from, plus upside down drawer pulls that can be used to hold earrings, rights, and other small items.

3. Classic Jewelry Box

There’s just something so classic about a leather jewelry box like this one from Etsy shop JettsJewelers. Between the necklace storage in the lid and the two levels of storage slots and compartments for rings and earrings, it can surely accommodate everything in your jewelry collection (unless you have chunky bracelets or bangles, which you’ll need to store elsewhere).

4. DIY Walnut And Brass Organizer

See the full project at Ugly Duckling House.

I will say right off the bat that I’d rate this DIY project as “advanced,” but the finished product is so attractive that I had to share it anyway! This jewelry organizer board was made with walnut plywood and brass rods, giving it a clean, modern look that hearkens back to mid-century style.

5. Travel Jewelry Box

Another option inspired by the classic jewelry boxes of yore is this smaller, travel-friendly jewelry organizer. Measuring about 4” along the edges and about 2” tall, it’s compact enough to carry in your purse, yet it has storage space for 6 rings and 3 necklaces, and has 3 rectangular compartments you can use for other items. It even has a small mirror inside too!

6. DIY Framed Organizer

See the full project at House of Hawthornes.

Grab an interesting frame from your nearest thrift store and a metal sheet from the closest hardware store, and you’ll have just about everything you need to make this simple framed organizer.

7. Wall-Mounted Organizer With Mirror

If you have money to spend, a massive jewelry collection, and a bare stretch of wall, consider this top-of-the-line option: a wall-mounted cabinet organizer. It has 6 LED lights built in to illuminate your jewelry and can hold 45 pairs of dangly earrings, 24 pairs of stud earrings, multiple bracelets 32 necklaces, 84 rings, and there are 5 shelves and 2 drawers you can use to store fragrances, skincare products, or whatever else you can fit inside!

8. DIY Ring And Earring Organizer

See the full project at I Heart Organizing.

A much more approachable option for those willing to DIY is this cute ring and earring organizer box. It’s made from a wooden craft box with the top removed, plus decorative paper, dowels, felt, and white fabric. Tuck your stud earrings and rings into the gaps for attractive and functional storage.

9. Hanger Jewelry Organizer

If you don’t really have any extra wall space to add a wall-mounted jewelry organizer, consider this hanging jewelry organizer that you can slip over a standard hanger in your closet. It has pockets, pouches, and loops that should accommodate your whole collection without too much trouble.

10. Hooks Inside A Cabinet Door

See the full project at Mod Podge Rocks.

If all you need is a place to store your necklaces, consider installing a few small hooks inside of a cabinet door. This project goes a step further by adding cork sheets and fabric, but you could keep it super simple by sticking up a few adhesive Command hooks and calling it a day.

11. Tabletop Jewelry Stand

And finally, if you have a bit of room on top of a dresser or vanity, this tabletop jewelry stand makes an attractive option for keeping your jewelry organized. It’s a clever way to turn your jewelry into “functional decor!”

Do you have a preferred jewelry organizer you couldn’t live without?