25+ Free Purse and Accessory Patterns to Sew

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Sewing my own purse is one of my favorite things to do. I love picking my own fabric, style and unique accessories to create something I will use and love. Here are some of my very favorite free purse patterns, coin purse patterns, and purse accessories for you to make and use everyday. These patterns are designed to be fast and easy to make…enjoy!

Coin Purse Patterns


Make my cute Snappy Coin Pouch that snaps shut using pieces of a metal tape measure!

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Here is another take on my favorite coin pouch…the Pleated Snappy Coin Pouch!

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This darling little coin purse is called my 'Milk Carton Coin Purse' because plastic cut from a gallon milk carton!

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Purse Patterns

Sew up this Little Purse Thingy designed by Anna from Thimbleanna! It has a clear vinyl window pocket on the front which is the perfect place to hold your ID.

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Use this easy step by step free tutorial to sew a Basket Tote that makes a beautiful and roomy purse!


Sew up a Beautiful Hobo Bag - it’s easier than you think and so fun to use!

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Create your own Mini-Purse to grab and go with just the essentials!

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This Tote with Many Pockets is the perfect size for a purse! Carry items that you want to keep organized and grab quickly in the 6 roomy exterior pockets.

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Make this easy, easy, easy 1 Yard Magic Messenger Bag Purse that just folds over to close!

scrapyard-tote (1).jpg

Sew my Beautiful Scrapyard Tote that’s just the right size to be your new favorite purse!

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I can’t express how much I love this amazing cross body bag... it's the most convenient and lovely purse!

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Sewing this cute and easy purse is twice as fast when you don’t have to make the handles!

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Make a ‘For Pleat’s Sake’ purse of your own!

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Make this pretty patchwork purse in the size you need!

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Sew up my adorable DIY Clutch Bag Purse with a little zipper pouch inside!

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Make my super adorable tiny purse… it's really fast to sew!


This cute purse pattern is a mashup between my free Tiny Bag Pattern and my (also free) Designer Zipper Bag Video Series. Come see…

shopping+bag+pattern (1).jpg

This roomy purse is just right for those days when you have a few extra items to carry around!

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My Cross Body Zipper Purse is so fast and easy to make, and very chic!

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Sew yourself this cute purse that has a unique braided strap and a cell phone pocket on the inside!

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The Picnic Tote makes a beautiful purse with pockets inside…it’s great for snacks:)

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Sew a Clamshell Bag 2 Ways - plain or fancy - just the way you like it!

Purse Accessories to Sew

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My DIY Clip on Purse Handles are so easy to sew…come see!


Sew up this DIY Felt Organizer bag to fit inside your purse - it’s so handy!

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My Handy Purse Organizer is perfect for keeping track of all those little items in your purse that get lost so easily!

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Here’s a thrifty tip…use your thrifted purse handles on just about any purse or tote bag pattern. Come see…

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Come learn to make 3 different kinds of handles for your purse!


Who says you can’t make your own faux leather handles…not me!

Happy sewing!