5 Creative Spring Mantel Ideas

Looking for creative spring mantel ideas? Here are some of my favorite mantels that I’ve ever created and a little spring inspiration, too.

These spring mantel ideas are so easy, you can decorate your fireplace in five minutes. All you need is a few simple items you probably already have on hand.

spring mantel ideas

This is my birthday weekend.

Happy birthday to me.

And to celebrate I wanted to welcome a little spring here to my corner of the universe. So I did a little mantel research on the blog and in the middle of putting together all the spring mantels that have gone before…

…I discovered something amazing.

None of the spring mantels that I decorated before was perfect.

Not. A. Single. One.

Not even close.

I almost didn’t post these spring mantel ideas because when I looked at them all I could see was the flaws (which I’m not even going to point out to you because then you’ll see them, too).

And even though I’m not about perfect. Even though I preach that perfection is TOTALLY OVERRATED. Even though I constantly remind myself that authenticity is so important.

Just between us?

Those flaws gave me pause.

Especially with all the perfection that swirls around us on blogs and social media.

It’s not for the faint of heart.


Everyone’s wearing the perfect outfit with the perfect wide-brimmed straw hat—standing on a beach in the middle of winter with their hair blowing in the wind–holding a latte and snacking on broccoli.  I think last week I liked a picture of someone weaving linen for their beach house windows and I’m pretty sure I left a heart emoji for someone growing their own grain for fresh herb bread for a picnic on a rock at sunset.

spring mantel ideas hydrangeas

 Now don’t get me wrong.

I love weaving my own linen as much as the next person.

I love wheat and beaches and picnics and hair blowing and fresh herb bread (except when I’m giving up gluten and sugar).

I mean—I’m the one in the grocery line reading about the top 10 ways to live healthier and happier in the next five minutes.

I get it.

Who am I to question anyone’s hat fashion choices when I’m sitting on a mountain of imperfect spring mantel ideas?

But just for a moment—I want to shift the paradigm.

Self—I’m looking at you.

spring mantel ideas rustic

 Instead of focusing on others’ perfection.

Before we feel smaller when we scroll through all that beautiful.

Before we feel less than when we look at ourselves through the lens of social media.

Before we decide we’re not speaking ice cream anymore and start spending hours deep conditioning our hair and add another skincare product our regime or search forever for the perfect purse to match our flip flops….

…can we just stop for one moment?

And remember how amazing we are?

spring mantel ideas flowers

Sometimes we are in such a rush to make ourselves better or wish we were walking in someone else’s shoes that we don’t even recognize the amazing that is right under our nose.

You know when you were younger and your mom wanted to take your picture and then she did and you looked at it and you didn’t like it because you didn’t look like a supermodel and your hair was flat and your shoes didn’t match your dress and you told your mom that you never, ever, ever, ever…

…wanted to see that picture again?

And then?

One day, years later you found the photo and you realized you were so thin and beautiful and your hair was super cute and the shoes were perfect…

…and you looked amazing.

But you missed it.

Because you were too busy looking for what you thought needed to be fixed.

spring mantel ideas flower arrangement

 So can we pause and celebrate imperfection? Like these spring mantel ideas?

Just for today.

We can all go back to trying to be perfect tomorrow.

I promise.

Today we are going to remember all the things that make us amazing.

Today we are CELEBRATING US.

Today we are taking the imperfect and recognizing how beautiful it truly is.

So put down your coffee tell yourself in the mirror or tell your friend or your mother or cousin or aunt or the check-out lady at the grocery store what a great organizer, mother, crafter, singer, DIYer, daughter, brother, baker, sister, painter, wife, dancer, roller skater, hula-hooper, world-traveler, talker, listener, chef, movie-watcher…

….that you are.

We got this.


Here’s to the amazing that we almost missed….

….right under our nose. 🙂

And now?

Here are my 5 imperfect spring mantel ideas with tons of texture that are absolute perfection.

Click on each of the links below for more details on each of the mantels.

5 Creative Spring Mantel Ideas

spring mantel ideas trees

 Rustic spring mantel ideas

Add these wood tree cutouts and spring branches and a rustic barn door. This mantel is all about keeping it real and layering in a little greenery.

Click here for more details

 spring mantel ideas with rustic wood art piece

The foundation of this mantel is this perfectly imperfect rustic wood art piece. It’s so easy to make from leftover scrap wood pieces.

Click here for more details

Bird Nest Spring Mantel

 birds and painted branches spring mantel

I created this mantel from spray-painted branches in the yard. Yep. I spray painted them turquoise and added birds and branches.

Click here for more details

 classic spring mantel ideas

This was one of my first farmhouse spring mantels. I love a burlap bow and made two for the sides of the mantel. Then I just layered in a little milk glass.

Click here for more information

 free spring mantel

Is anything better for spring than free? Yes, please. This mantel is created from mason jars and branches clipped from the yard. It’s that easy.

Click here to see more details


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