Birthday Gifts For Her | 50+ Unique Gift Ideas For The Girl Who Has It All

Looking for the perfect birthday gifts for her? Leave it up to these gift ideas to impress any girl on her birthday.

birthday gifts for her

Whether it's your sister, mom, best friend, girlfriend, or daughter, every girl deserves to be spoiled on her birthday! But the question is, what birthday gift will make her feel extra special on the big day. 

I know it can seem hard picking out a birthday gift for women, but we're actually not as picky as you think! In fact, girls can be some of the easiest to shop for if you know what to look for.

From timeless jewelry to popular makeup brands, there are a ton of options when it comes to buying birthday gifts for her- but these are the best of the best.

This post is all about the best birthday gifts for her.


Slippers have been a classic birthday gift for women for years, and for a good reason! Every girl loves having a cozy pair of slippers to put on after a long day or even to wear around the house all day long (we don’t judge).  😜

These crossband slippers are by far the most popular option right now as well as these UGG slides!

BÉIS is hands down one of the most popular luggage and purse brands for women this year, and I wholeheartedly agree with all the love it gets. Not a single day has gone by where I don’t have this bag with me.

This is the perfect bag for school, work, and travel that women of any age are guaranteed to use and love.

If there’s one thing every girl loves, it's their pictures. This portable photo printer allows you to print photos from anywhere in seconds, eliminating the annoying (and expensive) process of getting them printed at the store.

While these you do still have to send off, disposable cameras are making a comeback this year, so you could even include this pack of 2 as part of her “memory-making” gift.

If the birthday girl you are buying for is known for her love of accessories, this gold jewelry box is just the thing for her!

No girl could ever turn down a useful gift like this organizer, especially when it looks this good.

The Ember Mug is perfect for anyone searching for unique gifts for her birthday. 

Whether she's a coffee lover or tea lover, this mug is the perfect birthday gift for her to keep her favorite drink warm all day long.

A cocktail recipe book is a full-proof birthday gift for any woman who can appreciate a good drink.

Filled with over 140 recipes, this is the perfect gift for her to have while hosting a night with friends or just to enjoy on her own.

The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is one of the hottest gifts this year. In fact, it was the most popular gift BSL readers received this year!

Whether it’s to the gym or running errands, this bag is the perfect gift for her to keep her things nearby when on the go.

If you were to ask any woman you are buying a birthday gift for if she wants softer, longer, and thicker hair, she is 100% guaranteed to say yes.

Olaplex is the #1 hair care product that every woman either loves already or is dying to get. 

This is one thing even the girl that seems to have everything probably doesn't have (but totally needs).

Self-care is so important, but sometimes we just need a little motivation to do it! This journal is a sweet and thoughtful gift she will really appreciate.

One of the first things you probably think to buy a girl on her birthday is jewelry. But the question is, what kind? My best advice for picking out jewelry is to look at what pieces she wears most and base your choice on that! Most girls are either all silver or all gold kinds of girls.

Whichever she prefers, there are a ton of unique options on Amazon that look stunning but are actually super affordable, like this simple gold band!

 The key to buying jewelry as a gift for girls is to keep it simple.

A classic layering piece like this gold necklace is one you could give as a gift to women of any age, and it’s guaranteed to become one of her staples.

When buying birthday gifts for her, you can never go wrong with something personalized.

This jewelry case comes in many different colors and can be personalized with her name in gold foil!

If you're not one to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends, this one may come as a surprise. But, with voluminous, bouncy curls returning, every girl is looking to get their hands on a new set of hot rollers.

I actually just bought these myself and can personally assure you she'll be in love.

Whether she recently moved into her apartment and needs all the essentials, is currently decluttering her kitchen, or is just a girl who loves cute dishes (yes, we exist), she is going to love these trendy glasses from Amazon!

Help her reorganize and declutter with this super cute cosmetics organizer!

She will love displaying this small but elegant gift on her counter.

There's no doubt every woman appreciates a good candle, but this one is by far the crowd favorite.

The Capri Blue candle is definitely the one to buy if you're looking to step this gift idea up a notch!

Have you ever seen a set of kitchen utensils that look this good? This sleek bar utensils set is perfect for hosting parties with friends or displaying on a bar cart.

This facial steamer is one of the best birthday gifts for her Amazon has to offer!

 You can almost guarantee this is a gift she doesn't have already and will feel extra pampered with on her birthday;

If the girl you are buying for is into skincare and makeup, she will fall in love with this gift set!

Glossier has some of the best products on the market, and every girl is obsessed with this brand!

This set of gold frames is perfect for any girl you may be buying for.

Fill the frames with photos she loves or of you two together for a sentimental birthday gift she'll adore.

Claw clips are undoubtedly the most popular hair accessory this year, so it should be no surprise that they made this list of trendy gifts for her

This is an inexpensive gift option that you can guarantee will be getting a ton of use.

Looking for romantic birthday gifts for her?

With a ton of delicious recipes to make together, The Couples Cookbook is sure to be a gift both you and your significant other will adore.

This catch-all tray from Courant makes charging multiple devices a breeze.

With this, she can charge multiple devices cord-free at once!

No girl will ever be disappointed to receive a cozy new blanket. But, if you really want to make her day, the Barefoot Dreams Blanket is the one to buy.

Everyone is obsessing over this luxury brand, and you can be sure she will too.

There’s just something about putting on a pair of matching pajamas that makes you feel so elegant. Pamper her with this cute set for her birthday- trust me, she'll love it.

Amazon has a ton of super cute sets that look super nice but are actually pretty inexpensive!  

I said it once, but I'll repeat it: personalized gifts make some of the best birthday gifts for her ideas!

This cute catch-all tray from Mark & Graham proves that buying a customized gift for her doesn't require spending a ton of money!

When searching for trendy gifts for her 2022 is all about "vintage," and disposable cameras are all the rage.

This disposable camera from Urban Outfitters is the perfect gift for any girl in on the trends this year.

Buying for a girl who loves her wine? Well, in that case, you can be sure she doesn't like it warmed up!

This portable wine chiller will allow her to keep a full bottle of chilled wine on the go.

Check her Amazon wishlist and a diffuser is bound to be on there.

This is the perfect gift to pamper her with on her birthday that she definitely wants but may not have spent the money on herself.

...and you can't forget the essential oils to go with it!

Some essential oils are surprisingly expensive, so although this gift may seem small, it will actually mean a lot!

We girls tend to be clumsy with our phones, so chances are her phone case has seen better days.

Casetify has some of the most popular phone cases for women this year, and many can be customized with her name!

If there's one thing almost every girl can relate to, it's an obsession with shoes. We really can never have too many.

The Cloudswift running shoes are the most popular brand to buy this year as well as Adidas and Hoka!

Ever since I got my AirPods, not a day has gone by that I don't use them.

If she has a pair already, this leather case is a great accessory to give her for her birthday!

If you live anywhere that gets remotely cold, you are sure to see puffer coats worn by just about every woman you see. 

Artizia is the top brand to buy from if you are thinking of hopping on this birthday gift idea!

If she already has an Apple Watch, consider buying her a new band to go with it! I love switching out my apple watch band on different occasions, and I can guarantee she does too!

Depending on what she wears most, you could buy her a sleek band like this one to dress up outfits or a casual scrunchie band like this cute one from Target. 

The Dyson Air Wrap undoubtedly takes the number 1 spot in the top 10 birthday gifts for her. If you don't mind spending a little extra on luxury gifts for her birthday, this is hands down the one to buy.

With six different attachments, this luxury hair tool gives you that voluminous, blown-out style with just the click of a button- and every girl is obsessed.

Want to buy her a nice bottle of perfume but don't know what she likes? This gift solves that problem for you.

With this perfume sampler gift, she can try out multiple different scents! Once she finds the one she likes, she can redeem a full-size bottle with the voucher inside.

Girls like to dress comfortably but still look cute. We pretty much live in our leggings and sweatshirts, but sometimes we want to feel a little more put together. 

Give her the best of both worlds with this comfortable but stylish loungewear set! 

Looking to buy her a nice pair of sunglasses for her birthday? Quay sunglasses are one of the most popular brands to buy women this year.

The best part is, you can buy them right off Amazon!

After recently buying a pair of these leggings myself, I 100% see why these are in the top 10 birthday gifts for her this year. 

Every girl loves her leggings, and these are a pair she absolutely needs in her collection.

Whether she's walking around campus, traveling back and forth from work, or just constantly on the go, this tech folio is the perfect gift to help her keep all her cords and devices in one place. 

This tech folio can also be completely personalized on Mark & Graham!

Every woman knows the struggle of trying to do their makeup in bad lighting, but it's too much of a hassle to carry normal makeup mirrors with you when traveling.

With this portable mirror, she is guaranteed to have the perfect lighting for her makeup wherever she goes!

This may seem like a small gift but take it from me- girls LOVE it.

I included one of these as part of my coworkers' gifts last minute, and it turned out to be their favorite part of the gift. 😂

Charcuterie boards are a go-to gift for any girl's birthday. From in-laws to sisters, this is a gift absolutely any woman is sure to get a ton of use out of!

Anthropologie has a ton of amazing charcuterie boards and other cooking-related gifts, but Etsy, Amazon, and West Elm also have a ton of chic options!

What girl doesn't love hosting brunch with friends?

This brunch cocktail set is a fun and unique gift that is sure to be a hit at her next gathering.

You can never go wrong with gifting a pair of earrings!

These gold hoops from Amazon are honestly such a steal, especially for the quality!

There isn't a girl out there who doesn't love a good luggage set. This ultra-sleek travel set is super affordable and the perfect size for her to take on various vacations. 

BÉIS and Away are also two luxury suitcase brands that women love right now if you're looking to go the extra mile with your birthday gift.

Buying a birthday gift for the trendy girl? All-white platform converse are the shoes to buy this year. 

Give these as a birthday gift, and you can guarantee she'll never be seen wearing any other pair.

I recently got one of these as a college graduation gift, and it has seriously changed my life.

From the woman who's always in the kitchen to the college girl who’s always on the go, an air fryer is a birthday gift we can all get behind.

A gel nail kit is one of the best birthday gifts for her Amazon has to offer. I used to get my nails done every two weeks, but I haven't gone back after getting this.

With this complete gel nail kit, she can easily do her nails right from the comfort of her home!

This magnetic cord holder is a unique and affordable "tech" gift that absolutely anyone can use! 

There's truly nothing more frustrating than going to charge your phone, and your charger is nowhere to be found. With this, she'll never have to go digging behind furniture to find her lost charging cords.


What should I buy her?

Clothing, jewelry, makeup, cooking gifts, and bags always make great birthday gifts for her. But women also love sentimental gifts, so flowers, a massage gift card, or a trip for you to take together will also make her day!

If you're in a rush, check out these super popular Amazon gift ideas that you can get in just a matter of days! 

What should I gift her on her birthday?

What gift you buy depends on the girl you are buying for! If you are buying for your younger sister, a few trendy options include these white platform sneakers, this portable photo printer, or a pair of cute earrings! If you are buying for your mom or co-worker, this charcuterie board from Anthropologie or this air fryer are well-loved options as well.

What do you buy a difficult woman?

Trying to find a gift for the woman who seems to have everything can seem challenging, but the truth is you don't need to go searching for a gift she doesn't have to make her feel special. When buying a gift for a "difficult" woman, go with something sentimental or an experience! This could be a massage gift card, a hand-delivered bouquet of flowers, or concert tickets to her favorite artist!

What gift do girls like most?

There is no straight answer when it comes to the "perfect" gift for her. But, if you want to stick with a gift you can guarantee any woman will love, jewelry, flowers, and gift cards. 

What do you get a girl who doesn't want anything?

If there isn't anything specific that she is dying to get for her birthday, but you still want to buy her a gift, go with something she always needs! This could be a new phone case, travel luggage, home organization products, cooking supplies, or even a Target gift card (because what woman doesn't need at least something from Target?)

Can't get enough? Here are 100+ more gifts for her that are perfect for any occasion.

This post was all about the best birthday gifts for her.

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