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●SENAMON bag ORGANIZER and bag shaper,bag insert organizer in fuchsia color :
Are you busy and change all the things you have in your bag is leeway for you ? So is the SENAMONbagORGANIZER a perfect time saver for you. It's time to be always tidily !
●CUSTOM ORDER: Do you have a need for a customized solution based on one of our product. I can customize the bag insert organizers according to your needs .
No worry if your Tote Bag is not in the dropdown list. Please choose the "CUSTOM SIZE " option, and message me at checkout your bag model and the bottom dimension by your own measurement as LENGTH x HIGHTH X DEPTH in inch or cm. Bag dimensions provided on the website where you purchased your bag are not usually helpfulsom,because them you should measure your bag bottom and bag hight from the inside as Length x Higth x Depth.
●POCKETS :This organizer has no pockets.
●MATERIAL : This SENAMON bag organizer style made from wool polyester blend felt.
● ATTENTION : You need not to use any base for your bags as this bag organizer avoid baggy bottoms
●The SENAMON bag organizers DOES NOT STAIN bags lining!
●Care insstruction :Hand wash or gentle machine wash without wring.
●Please note: Actual color may vary from picture due to computer settings.
●The bag and keychain on the picture will NOT ship with the bag insert organizer!

❒THE MEASUREMENTS BELLOW ARE BAG INSERT SIZES FOR Mul. berry BAGS .Please decide on your size !
■ Mul. berry Bayswater :L33 x H18 x W15 cm / L13" x H7" x W6"
■ Mul. berry Dorset medium :L32.5 x H18 x W13 cm / L12.8" x H7" x W5.1"
■ Mul. berry medium Cara :L25.5 x H18 x W10.5 cm / L10" x H7" x W4.1"
■ Mul. berry Reguler sized Alexa :L29.2 x H13 x W12.7 cm / L11.5" x H5.12" x W5"
■ Mul. berry Oversized Alexa :L34.5 x H14 x W13 cm / L13.5" x H5.5" x W5.1"
■ Mul. berry small Bayswater :L24.5 x H11 x W12.5 cm / L9.6" x H4.3" x W5"
■ Mul. berry small Willow :L26 x H12.5 x W11 cm / L10.25" x H4.9" x W4.3"
■ Mul. berry small Del Rey: L23cm x H13cm x D10cm / L9" x H5.9" x D3.9"
■ Mul. berry regular Del Rey: L31.5cm x H16cm x D15cm