Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Calling all bibliophiles, this gift guide is for you! 

Have a friend or loved one that enjoys reading then look no further for gift ideas and check out these trusted picks from an author and book lover.

Reading Socks

But not just any reading socks, stuff your feet in Oprah's favorite - Cozy Earth Socks

The Plush Lounge Socks come in a three-pack of solid neutrals with a textural ribbed design allowing you to put your best foot forward every day. They sell for $48 for 3, but get these beauties for only $28 and free shipping with the following code - TARAS45. While I bought the holiday color set, they have several other color packs to choose from too. 

Cozy Earth's luxury bamboo sheets and pajamas meanwhile made Oprah's Favorite Things list in the past too. I own four of their softest ever and cooling PJs, one set of their sheets and bought another sheet set for my mother, yeah, I'm a fan too! 

Save 45% off with code TARAS45.

An Ornament to Match Your Passion


Pizza, Red Wine, Coffee, Books, you name it, there is a Old World Christmas ornament for it. With over 1,5000 unique glass ornaments, you can find ones related to a profession, destination, animals, etc. 

These beautiful glass ornaments are carefully mouth-blown into a finely crafted mold. Then a hot solution of liquid silver is poured inside. Finally, the ornaments are delicately hand-painted with glitter added. They are a gorgeous addition to any tree or collection. $19.99-$24.99 each. 

Read Between the Wines Pouch

Books, wine and a witty pun? These are a few of my favorite things ;) 

From Gibbs Smith, this little pouch can be used as a makeup bag, pencil case, or a purse organizer for the book lover in your life.

Love Handle Grips

For the last four years, I haven't held my phone, iPad, Kindle or taken a selfie without the help of a Love Handle strap. I'm constantly getting compliments and questions about it too. 

Trust me, they are soooo much better than those pop socket circles that you have to open and grasp because with these I can just loop my finger through it and go. It's great for walking, reading, or just texting and not dropping your phone. I have butterfingers but since having the Love Handle strap I haven't dropped my phone in the longest time. 

The new PRO has a kickstand too so you can prop up your device and watch/read easily. Also, the straps can be swapped out to update the style. 

Best of all, it works with any case or type of phone and doesn't damage your case when you remove or apply. 

Save 10% with code TARAMETBLOG

Kindle Unlimited or Audible Subscription 

I hate when someone buys me a book. I'm picky and want to pick my own reads thank you very much. Plus, what I might like, you might not, etc. Thus, don't do it. Instead, provide a reading subscription with Kindle Unlimted and your book lover can read to their heart's content and think of you with each download. 

There is a discount being offered now for Kindle Unlimited Reading Subscription for 6M, 12M and 24M pre-paid plans. 

Keep Your Book Lover Hydrated

I might not have run a marathon, but I've done my share of reading and writing sprints. During which I'll let my tea get cold or refuse to get up to refill my water bottle, but with the H2O Capsule you don't have to worry about that. It's a half-gallon jug, so quite large, but not as big as those other water challenge bottles. 

It also comes in an adorable neoprene sleeve in several stylish designs and a shoulder strap for wherever your reading adventures take you. Plus, there is a clip for your keys, and a sleeve for your phone and credit cards. There is a removable straw option too. 

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