Hi friends! Did you enjoy the Superbowl yesterday? We watched at a friend’s house with a small group of friends and kids

 It was so great- lots of yummy food and the kiddos running around in the backyard- half watching the game, half throwing the football.  Good old fashioned fun!

Then, during the halftime show, my friend’s mom came running into the house from the backyard shouting, “THERE’S A FIRE NEXT DOOR, CALL 911!”  We looked outside and could see the flames!  I ran and got my phone and called  911 while gathering the kids to get them safely out front away from the fire.

While I was on the phone, they operator said that the firemen had already been contacted and were on the way.  It was so scary for a few minutes, but the fire truck arrived quickly.  It turns out the fire was started by a propane tank outside and there was no damage to the house or anyone in it. Thank God!

I know I have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen, but I need to make sure I know how to use it! And I should keep one upstairs too.  It’s also a good idea to make sure the batteries in your smoke detector are working. We can never be too safe.


Welcome to February!  This is a great month for us with Valentine’s Day, my birthday and Jordan’s 4th birthday! I swear I cannot believe she will be four this month!  It’s surreal how grown up she has gotten in the last year!  From threenager to fournado!

Now that we’re finally in February, we can take a look back at the longest month of the year – January!


My Amazon posts were the most popular posts of 2019 and they’re still going strong into 2020.  I do Amazon fashion posts every other Friday and then do a live try-on on Stories so you can see the pieces ‘in person’. If you want to see all the things I’m ordering and what I recommend, check out my Amazon Storefront.  I update it almost daily!

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We started the new year by sharing the best sellers of 2019, all still available now!

Cutoff Shorts • This pair got worn the most because they’re cutoff chic, but not super short.  I din’t feel embarrassed to run errands with my kids in them!

Bracelet Keychain • A favorite of mine and at the Favorite Things party this year.  It’s handy since you can wear it on your wrist or hold it in your hand, but it’s also easy to find in your purse.

Sun Hat • I’ll be happy to bring this hat out again when the weather warms up.  It saw pool days, traveled with me and lived in my car for sunny drives.  It’s sister – the wool hat – is also a hit this time of year.

Tee • This dolman sleeve, boatneck shirt is soft and stretchy and goes with everything.

Jumpsuit • Travel uniform and all-around errand running!  It’s perfectly lightweight for summer with tank sleeves, a scoop neck, and pockets.  The elastic hem at the ankles is cute too.

Circle Belt • This simple belt is still going strong.  I wear both the brown and black all the time!

Packing Cubes •  A forever, very useful favorite.  You know what these are and have a set for yourself by now, right?  I have several sets- different colors for each kid so I can easily differentiate our things.

Checkered Tote • I’m still carrying this bag too. It’s held up really well and is under $40!  Get the tote organizer too!

Good Vibes Tank • This was by far your favorite top of the summer!

Amazon Haul #1

Here’s a sampling of some of the outfits in my first Amazon haul of the month.  You can click the link above to see everything.

Belt • Sweater • OTK Boots • Jeans • Star Necklace

Headband • Leopard Cardigan • Turtleneck • Jeans • Booties • Belt

Pullover • Top • Leggings • Flats


Amazon Haul #2

The second Amazon haul had some good things too. Lots of casual pieces, and some fun dresses too.  Not to mention the undies y’all went crazy for.  #comfortfirst

Sweatshirt • Ponte Leggings • Jeans • Leopard Sneakers

Sweater • Jeans • Boots

Long Joggers • Top • Leopard Sneakers

Seamless Undies

Tank Dress • Clear Heels

V-Neck Dress • Heels


Ponte Legging •  These are #1 two weeks in a row! The awesome thing about these leggings is that they fit like a pant with a nice thickness to them and not so super skintight like most leggings.  They are very opaque and comfortable at a great price – only $18! 

V-Neck Pullover • I’m partial to these quality lightweight knits because they are so comfortable, but still look pulled together.  You can dress them up for work or wear causally around the house like I often do since I work from home.  Of course, the grey with black hearts is fun, but it also comes in tons of colors and also stripes.

Slip On Sneakers •  Another sneaker that is so, so good are these slip on mesh sneakers with over 5,000 positive reviews.  I thought they looked cute on the website, and I’m happy to report they are awesome in person!  Cute + comfy!   They are so lightweight, almost like wearing air on your feet.

Daily Ritual Skinny Jeans • I seriously live in these.  They are a mid-rise jean with a good bit of stretch that fit your body amazingly well without pinching or pulling.

White Deep V Bralette • This one was a keeper and super cute on! The padded cups are removable and it did feel supportive, kind of like the support you’d find in a good bikini top.

Revlon hairdryer + brush in one • It’s saved to my Highlights under “blowout” if you missed it. I love it because it gives me a salon smooth, voluminous blowout so quickly and easily!  If you feel like it gets too hot on your hair, use the cool setting.  I also always spray “It’s a 10” on my hair when it’s wet because it acts as a detangler, hair repair treatment, and heat protectant.

Waffle Knot Top • Some of the waffle knit tops I’ve tried on haven’t felt very good on, but this one feels great.  It’s got a bit of weight to it and has a front twist. It comes in several colors- the red is really pretty!

Star Sweater • I’m crazy for this one too!  Perfectly slouchy chic.

Striped Sweater • Yep, we all still love a good striped sweater.  I really like the color combo on this one!

28 Affordable Winter Outfits

I rounded up a month’s worth of outfits to make it through the rest of winter!  Spring will be here soon, but in the meantime, it’s still chilly out!

Sweater • Jeans • Boots 

Tunic • Star Necklace • Jeans • Belt • Leopard Heels

Sweater 40% off • Crossbody • Jeans • Similar Boots 40% off

Teddy Bear Fleece 35% off • White Top • Leggings • Sneakers

New Target Fashion Finds

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Target fashion finds post, and y’all really liked the last one, so I was excited to jump online and see what’s new.  I found lots of Hits, one Miss and one Oh, Hell No!  Do you want me to include Target fashion more regularly?  Let me know in the comments.

Black Top • Belt • Booties • Similar Jeans • White Pullover • Jeans • Sneakers • Jumpsuit • Belt • Clear Heels • Tiger Dress • Heels • Stripe Sweater • Belt • Jeans • Booties • Grey Top • Joggers

New Spring Fashion with Nordstrom

I’m happy to see the Spring styles start to roll in at Nordstrom.  Here’s a few things I thought were fantastic and vacation ready! Do you have Spring Break plans yet?

Dress • Similar Heels

Bodysuit • Midi Skirt • Wedges • Necklace • Similar Bracelets


Body Suit • Jeans • Similar Belt • Similar Heels  • Similar Bracelets

Bodysuit • Skirt • Similar Heels • Similar Belt • Similar Bracelet • Star Necklace

Romper • Wedges • Similar Bracelets • Earrings • Similar Band Ring

Dressing Room • Nordstrom & LOFT

This post has a mix of sweaters, short sleeve tops, jeans, dresses and more for ya. Many things you can wear now and while winter lingers on, but also some things that you can start incorporating into your wardrobe soon.

T-Shirt • Jeans • Nude Pumps • Star Necklace

Get this t-shirt and thank me later!  It’s so soft and the cut is darling!

V-Neck Teddy Sweater (on sale)

Stripe Top (on sale) • Jeans • Sneakers

T-Shirt • Jeans • Nude Pumps

January Loves

As a THANK YOU for reading and subscribing to my blog, I’m giving away EVERYTHING in my Monthly Loves to one of my subscribers.   January’s winner was Felicia111888!  Congrats girl!  Thank you all so much for subscribing!

Tulip Wreath • Clover Earrings • Cardigan • Ugg Booties • V-Cut Booties • Wedges • Leopard Print Pajamas • Concealer • LOFT Jeans

How I’m Storing Holiday Decor

You probably have all of your holiday storage packed up and away for next year by now, but if you get a hankering to declutter and organize it, this post has some great organization ideas.

Ornament Storage • Glass Jars

1 Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer | 2 *Best Seller Gift Wrap Storage | 3 Gift Wrap Organizer | 4 Ornament Storage | 5 Ornament Storage | 6 Ornament Storage | 7 Rolling Tree Storage | 8 Wreath Storage

Pantry Organization

Thank you guys so much for all the love on my pantry organization!  You are my people!

Rug • Glass Jars w Wooden Lids • Font Labels • Chalk Labels • OXO Containers • Glass Jar • Cork Shelf Liner • Glass Jars • Woven Baskets • Expand-A-Shelf


1 Cereal Container | 2 Glass Jars | 3 Font Labels | 4 Chalk Labels | 5 OXO Containers | 6 Glass Jar | 7 Cork Shelf Liner | 8 Grip Shelf Liner | 9 Glass Jars

Weekly Routines and Printable

What I’ve realized this year is how important our ROUTINES are.  They help keep our house running less like a crazy town, and more like a soft place to fall. I wholeheartedly believe that routines help children thrive and feel safe because they know what to expect.  It also helps us stay sane!

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Valentine’s Day All on Prime

Now that my holiday storage closet is all nice and organized, I’m more pumped to add some decor for each season.  I didn’t have much for Valentine’s day, but I found some really darling things on Amazon that arrived in a jiffy, thanks to PRIME! I love adding even just a little bit of festive decor around the house.


Tulip Wreath • Valentine Banner • Corkcicle • Kitchen Towels • Apron • Table Runner • Buffalo Check Pillows • Valentine Pillows • Faux Fur Blanket • Front Door Decor • Valentine Paper Pom Decor • Eyelash Mug • Pink Matches

Buffalo Check Napkins • Washable Placemats • Faux Peony Bouquet

Tulip Wreath

Three Tier Tray • Rae Dunn Mug • Similar Hearts

Heart Envelope Door Decor • Shelf/Toy Box

Amazon Fashion Finds Valentine Edition

I found lots of red and pink to usher in Valentine’s Day on Amazon!  Everything is on PRIME!

1 Dress • 2 Pullover • 3 Dress • 4 Earrings • 5 Red Sweater • 6 Heart Sweater • 7 Swimsuit • 8 Pink Sweater • 9 Red Bow Heels • 10 Heart Sweater • 11 Slip on Sneakers • 12 Love Tee

And I didn’t forget about the kids!

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 10 • 11

I have lots of fun content to share with you in February, but I always appreciate hearing what you want to see more of.  You can let me know in the comments – more decor, fitness, fashion, organization, productivity, beauty, kid stuff??  Fire away!

Now go kick Monday’s booty!

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