Mo Pop 2019: A Prelude

Calling all music lovers, fun fanatics, and Detroit party people! The time has come again for one of the best weekends in Detroit- Mo Pop Festival at West Riverfront Park!
Last summer, the j’adore Detroit girls danced the day away and had the best time at Mo Pop 2018, and the festival gets bigger and better each year. The music, the fashion, the food- ugh, we just can’t get enough.

j’adore gal Lauren/”Lately with Lo” posing at Mo Pop 2018 under the iconic festival sign

We’re here this summer to give you the scoop on a little Mo Pop prep and what to expect from this weekend of nonstop fun. Let’s start with…
The Music:
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This year’s festival is packed with a variety of different musical artists, including some of the biggest acts in Mo Pop history! Who are you looking most forward to seeing? We are obviously stoked for headliners Vampire Weekend and Tame Impala (the indie pop lover in me is dying over this lineup), but we’re also very excited to dance along with King Princess, Lizzo, Kali Uchis, and local Detroit artist Sienna Liggins.

The best part about Mo Pop is the concept of their alternating stages. No act plays at once (which is AMAZING because you’ll never have to choose between two acts), and each act alternates from stage to stage. This prevents overcrowding and merging of different audiences, and each stage is in very walkable distance. Have a favorite act and not too interested in the one beforehand? No problem- just camp out at the second stage and you’re sure to get a great spot in the crowd. Genius!

Mo Pop festival hooks it up with making sure you’re eating good all weekend long. Trust us when we say YOU WILL GET HUNGRY. With all the dancing, sweating, and walking in the hot summer sun, you are going to need to refuel with some yummy Detroit-area eats. Here’s what this week’s fest has in store for you:
Mopop’s SHIPYARD hosts a series of tasty pop-up restaurants from Detroit and the surrounding area. This year’s pop-up lineup is a good variety, and many of these spots have vegetarian & vegan options! Even more restaurants have been added to this year’s SHIPYARD. According to Mo Pop’s website, here’s the lineup:


Chili Mustard Onions

Detroit Cookie Co.



Public House

Street Beet

The SHIPYARD- photo via
The Food Truck Rally Ally
If none of the above places are quite your style, have no fear! There is quite the lineup of yummy food trucks for snacks, meals, drinks, and even desserts! Here’s the full list of the food trucks present at this year’s festival:

Big Dipper Edible Cookie Dough


Chicken Coupe

Detroit Taco Factory

Fire & Rice

The Happy Patty

Hero or Villain

Island Noodles

Little Brothers Burgers

Los Dos Amigos

Nosh Pit

Rollin’ Stone Pizza

Slows To Go
Treat Dreams

Other fun thingz The Craft Bazaar
Curated by Handmade Detroit, Mo Pop will feature a cute little craft fair with around 20 local vendors so you can do a little shopping while supporting Detroit-area artists. Here are a few we’re looking forward to browsing:

Alchemy Henna

Arthur’s Plaid Pants

Art Shark

Artsy Fart

The Foxy Hipster

Lurk & Destroy

White Owl Jewelry

Mo Arcade
One of my favorite parts of Mo Pop last year was the Mo Arcade- a collaboration with Detroit’s own Offworld Arcade. Enjoy a big, air-conditioned tent with some of your favorite, classic arcade games. There will also be local DJ's, prizes, and of course drinks! There’s a Mo Pop party for everyone.
What to Wear, What to Bring, and What to Remember
There are a few things to keep in mind for Mo Pop prep: it will be hot, it will be dusty, and it will be crowded. This is especially important when it comes to what to wear and bring to the festival. Of course the festival’s purpose is to have a great time, but you’ll have an even better time if you are dressed from the weather and have the essentials.
Festival-goers love to express themselves with what they wear- typically two festival outfits takes a bit of planning, and you can bet that there will be people there going all-out. Last year’s festival trends included bright colors, funky shades, cute bralettes, and more.

The best thing to do is to find a happy medium between fashion-forward and practical. With West Riverfront Park being the weekend stomping grounds for thousands of music fans, there will be dirt and dust flying. Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting EXTREMELY dirty. I think sneakers or boots are the way to go.

Many experienced Mo Pop attendees incorporate bandanas into their ensembles because they’re a great way to keep the dust and dirt out of your nose and mouth. There may also be a generous vendor or two handing out free bandanas with brand logos.

Ladies and long haired individuals: bring hair ties! Maybe a cute scrunchy?

j’adore blogger Neens (left) with her pals at Mo Pop 2018
What to Bring & What Not to Bring
Mo Pop’s policies on what is allowed to be brought inside festival grounds aren’t too strict, but they’re important to know so that you don’t have any items confiscated.

First, let’s start off with what not to bring. For starters, anyone without a special media wristband is not allowed to bring in any DSLR cameras, video cameras, or professional camera/recording equipment. Only small digital cameras, cell phone cameras, and GoPros are allowed. Also, sorry to Selfie Stick lovers, they are not allowed in for safety purposes.

No food/outside beverages are allowed inside the festival grounds. You ARE absolutely allowed to bring in empty hydration packs/Camelbaks, and this is highly encouraged! There are free water stations at the festival.

You should absolutely wear sunscreen/bring sunscreen to Mo Pop! Protect your skin! Sunscreens in plastic bottles are allowed, as long as they are not aerosol.

Unfortunately, some rain is expected on Sunday, but umbrellas are not allowed inside the festival.

Everyone is allowed to bring in a purse that is smaller that 12 x 12 inches and drawstring bags that have one compartment. You should definitely bring what you think you’ll need, as long as it is allowed inside. For the full lists of what can and cannot be brought to Mo Pop, check out the FAQ on Mo Pop’s website.

Photo via @mopopfestival on Instagram
The most important thing about Mo Pop is having a great time and being safe. Stay close to your friends and travel in groups. Stay hydrated and keep your skin protected. If you feel sick or get injured, visit the festival’s medical tent. Service may be spotty due to crowds/location, so make sure you and your friends have a plan for where to meet if someone gets separated. Have fun! Mo Pop in Detroit, year after year, always helps make each summer one to remember. Will we see you at Mo Pop 2019? #Entertainment #Neens
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