My Top 10 Free Sewing Patterns in 2019!

top ten free sewing patterns 2019.jpg

Sew up a storm in the new year with the best free sewing patterns here on SewCanShe.

My readers sewed up these tutorials and patterns so many times - some are the most popular on the web! The number of clicks and downloads dont lie, I know because Im seeing YOUR versions of these projects all over Instagram too. Thanks for tagging me @SewCanShe so I can look at what you are making with my ideas.

So are you ready to see my Top 10 Free Sewing Patterns in 2019???

Here they are order from 10 to 1. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see #1


10. The Handy Purse Organizer. Its really the best thing you can have to help you organize your bag - and move items from one bag to another.

9. The Cute Corners Cosmetic Case. This is a new style of zipper pouch that opens wide and has optional snaps at the corners.

8. The Bedside Pockets Organizer. Best gift ever. I mean, who doesnt like to keep junk up off the floor?


7. The free Tiny Bag Pattern. Tiny is in, have you heard? This little purse is just right for toting around the essentials.


6. The Perfect DIY Wallet. Make sure you take a look at the back of this wallet theres a special place for your phone.


5. My free Basic Leggings for girls sewing pattern. Easy to sew and so comfy, these are easy to love too.


4. The Fat Quarter Fancy Quilt Pattern. Im so glad a quilt pattern made it into my top ten. Quilts are my favorite, besides bags, lol.


3. The Tote with Many Pockets (I love sewing this one too!)


2. The Car Diddy Bag. I think Ive made one of these for every car Ive ever owned.


And drumroll please

The number 1 free sewing pattern on my blog this year was the Christmas Gnome! Hes adorable enough to keep around all year I guess. Or maybe I should make one for every holiday.

What was your favorite SewCanShe tutorial or pattern this year? Tell me in the comments. And dont for get to show me on Instagram too - just upload a picture and tag me @sewcanshe or #sewcanshe.

Happy New Year!