Purse organizer HERMES BAGS in light beige with only outside pockets ,bag insert organizer,make up bag , EXPRESS shipping by SenamonBagOrganizer

51.99 USD

●SENAMONbagORGANIZER and bag shaper,bag insert organizer :
Are you busy and change all the thinks you have in your bag is leeway for you ? So is the SENAMONbagORGANIZER a perfect time saver for you. It's time to be always tidily !
●This SENAMONbagORGANIZER styl made from cotton upholstery fabric ans has inside a stiff interfacing to keep it stiff and sturdy .
●I do take custom order as long as you give the measurements for the organizer you need .Bag dimensions provided on the website where you purchased your bag are not usually helpfulsom,because them I do not recommendations for bags that I am not familiar with.
●The pocket sizes and measurement depends on the size of the organizer measurement,
●Please note: Actual color may vary from picture due to computer settings
●Please hand wash in lukewarm water without wring .

●Hermes Toolbox 20: L20 x H10.5 x D15 cm / L7.9" x H4.1" x W6""
●Hermes Toolbox 26: L25 x H13 x D17 cm / L9.8 x H5.1" x W6.7"
●Hermes Kelly 25: L21 x H9 x D8 cm / L8.3" x H3.5" x W3.2"
●Hermes Kelly 28: L24.5cm x H14cm x D9.5 / L9.6" x H5.5" x D3.7"
●Hermes Kelly 32: L28cm x H14cm x D10cm / L11" x H5.5" x D4"
●Hermes Kelly 35: L31cm x H16cm x D11cm / L12.2" x H6.3" x D4.3"
●Hermes Kelly 40: L37cm x H18cm x D14cm / L14.5" x H7" x D5.5"
●Hermes Lindy 26 : L25cm x H10cm x D12cm / L9.8" x H3.9" x D4.7"
●Hermes Lindy 30 MM :L28cm x H11.5cm x D14cm / L11" x H4.5" x D5.5"
●Hermes Lindy 34 :: L31cm x H13.5cm x D16cm / L12.2" x H5.3" x D6.3"
●Hermes Garden Party 30 :: L28cm x H14cm x D14cm / L11" x H5.5" x D5.5"
●Hermes Garden Party 36 : L34cm x H17cm x D15cm / L13,4" x H6.7" x D5.9"
●Hermes Birkin 25: : L22.5/20x H13cm x D11/9cm
●Hermes Birkin 30 : L27cm x H13cm x D13 cm / L10.6" x H5.2 " x D5,2 "
●Hermes Birkin 35 : L32cm x H16cm x D16cm / L12.6" x H6.3"x D6.3 "
●Hermes Birkin 40: L37cm x H18cm x D17.5cm / L14,6" x H7" x D6.9"
●HermesHalzan 31 : L26cm x H11.4cm x D5.5cm / L10.2" x H4.5" x D2.2"
●Hermes Picotin 20 : L20cm x H10.5cm x D15cm / L7.9" x H4.1" x D5.9"
●Hermes Picotin 22: L20.5cm x H14cm x D16cm / L8.1" x H5.5" x D6.3"
●Hermes Picotin 26: L25cm x H17cm x D20cm / L9.8" x H6.8" x D7.9"
●Hermes Herbag 31: L26cm x H11.4cm x D5.5cm / L10.2" x H4.5" x D2.2"
●Hermes Herbag 39: L35.5cm x H15cm x D15cm / L14" x H5.9" x D5.9"
●Evelyn 29 : L 25cm x H 19 cm x D 5 cm / L 9.8" x H7.5 " x D 2 "
●Evelyn 33 : L 28cm x H 20.3 cm x D7.1 cm / L 11" x H 8" x D 2,8 "
●Hermes Jypsiere 31 ?? : L 26cm x H 12.5 cm x D11 cm / L10.2 x H 4.9" x D 4.3."??
●Hermes Bolide 31 : L 29/28 cm x H 13 cm x D 9 /4cm / L 11.4/11" x H 5.1" x D 3.5/4"
●Hermes Bolide 35 : L 32/31 cm x H13 cm x D 12/7 /4cm / L12.6 /12.2" x H 5.1" x D 4.7/2.7"
●Hermes Victoria II 35 : L 32cm x H17 cm x D 13.5cm / L12.6 x H 6.7" x D 5.3"