Summer Bags So Cute You Might Actually Enjoying Holding Them All Day

Don’t @ me when I say this, but summer bags are kind of a nuisance. During the summer, all you want to do is bask in the sunlight, frolic around the park and find excuses to go to the beach—at least, that’s all I want to do. And all these genuinely active activities are hampered by the addition of a handbag, clutch or even a crossbody. (No matter how many times I adjust the strap on my go-to crossbody bag, it seems to thump, thump, thump against my leg with every step I take. This is a cry for help.)

I’m of the mind that life would be better if all our belongings could fit neatly in our pockets, thus maximizing our mobility as we do our summer basking in the sunlight, frolicking around the park, and so on. But reader, that isn’t what reality looks like. On my best, most pared-down day, I still need my go-to crossbody—and on my worst, I need a full-on backpack. Summer bags are a necessary evil (really, bags during any season are a necessary evil, but nuisances feel far more inconvenient when it’s humid AF outside). And if something’s going to be vaguely annoying, it better be cute.

Thankfully, this summer’s bag selection fits the bill. There are tons of summer bags on offer right now—most of them so adorable I don’t even mind the idea of carrying them around all day. Seriously, I hate clutches and everything they stand for (if you expect me to hold anything but a drink or phone in my hand for hours on end, you’re legitimately deranged), but I encountered a summer 2019 clutch or two I actually feel tempted to purchase and carry. (That’s excessively high praise coming from me, an excessively curmudgeonly bag shopper; in other words, it’s a BFD.) And that’s just the clutches. There are countless bucket bags, totes and crossbodies that have me just as enticed.

Bags aren’t my thing, but this summer’s bags definitely are. The selection is so incredibly vast that everyone from the handbag-obsessed to the handbag-reluctant can (clearly) find something they’re looking for—or, in my case, something they weren’t looking for at all.

WANT Cow We Do It Crossbody Tote Bag $22 buy it
The cow spot trend continues to endure.

Ally Capellino Lockie Crossbody Bag $477 buy it
A classic crossbody in an anything-but-basic palette.

Candyland Clutch $68 buy it
A decidedly fresh take on beaded bags.

WANT For Croc Sake Mini Backpack $20 buy it
Mini-backpacks are equal parts cute and convenient—what’s not to love?

Sensi Studio Canasta Mosaico Tote Bag $285 buy it
When the options are this fun, who could ever have straw bag fatigue?

WANT Hotter Than Shell Shoulder Bag $25 buy it
You might not be able to turn yourself into a mermaid, but at least you can feel like one.

Fodder for your next Instagram.

Fringed Leather Crossbody Belt Bag $59.90 buy it
I’m typically a little wary of belt bags, but this one is too cute to pass up.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh Anais Tote $475 buy it
Here for iridescent anything.

Animal Print Leather Clutch $89.90 buy it
A more office-facing take on cow spots.

KULE The Bolt Bucket Bag $117.60 buy it
The kind of tote a superhero would carry.

Special Edition Bucket Bag $49.90 buy it
Not sure how much you could fit in this mosaic crossbody, but it’s so cute it kind of doesn’t matter.

Ulla Johnson Arusi Tote Bag $395 buy it
I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: If buying every beaded bag in sight is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Minny Buckle Mini Bag $40 buy it
Chartreuse is an endlessly underrated color, and this teeny-tiny bag just wants to rectify that.

Clare V. Midi Sac Crossbody Bag $348 buy it
A classic with just enough contemporary detail to feel fresh.

Alice + Olivia Zoey Wooden Beaded Bag $275 buy it
All kinds of fun—and big enough to hold all your shit.

KAANAS Akumal Woven Circle Crossbody Bag $41.40 buy it
Not your average summer crossbody.

Staud Trapeze Shoulder Bag $325 buy it
A handbag that feels vaguely aughts-y—emphasis on vaguely. (When it comes to the early 2000s, vague allusions are definitely better than outright ones.)

Susan Alexandra Hearty Bag $300 buy it
Umm. I mean. Need I really justify the inclusion of THIS ADORABLE BAG?!

Love Lane Saddle Bag $248 buy it
An anything-but-basic animal print to round out your summer collection.

SunnyLife Luxe See Thru Clutch $16 buy it
Mesmerizing and mermaid-y all at once.

Beaded Crossbody Bag $14.97 buy it
Because one can never have too many summer crossbodies, right? (RIGHT?!)

Tory Burch Sandrine Net Bag $378 buy it
OK, you could def fit your groceries in that.

Cult Gaia Mini Astraea Tote $288 buy it
A handbag so cute it basically warrants display.

Poolside Bags Small Le Nord Beach Bum… $192.50 buy it
I mean, doesn’t everyone need a go-to beach bag?

Oliveve Murphy Clutch $187 buy it
Not quite an animal print. Not quite anything else, either.

Ulla Johnson Small Nia Bucket Bag $398 buy it
A bucket bag worth taking everywhere this summer.

Cleobella St. Barthes Tote $398 buy it
A tote sure to play well with your favorite bohemian pieces.

Edie Parker Fallen Petals Flavia Clutch $638 buy it
A clutch sure to complement any look you pair it with.

Ulla Johnson Priska Lunchbox $395 buy it
The cutest damn lunchbox I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Volon Exclusive Great Alice Box Bag $567 buy it
A bag that nods to 2018’s Western obsession without taking it too literally.

Truss Small Tote $117 buy it
Basically an optical illusion in handbag form.

Brother Vellies Miini Island Bag $420 buy it
A bag so fuzzy you might catch yourself carressing it.

Loeffler Randall Demi Belt Bag $250 buy it
A belt bag that actually skews…chic?

Kate Spade New York Rio Parrot… $398 buy it
I mean. It’s just. So cute.

Glow Acrylic Clear Mini Grab Bag $40.80 buy it
Could probably only hold, like, three of your lipsticks. But it’s cute.

Cleobella Sadie Travel Bag $438 buy it
A different kind of animal print bag.

Multicolored Natural Woven Handbag $49.90 buy it
I’m typically clutch-averse, but this little beauty is too damn delightful to pass up.

Staud Pocket Shirley Bag $250 buy it
A bag that compartmentalizes your shit for you.

Sensi Studio Neon Straw Netted Bucket $216 buy it
A decidedly unique take on the bucket bag.

Skinnydip Mina Tort Clutch $80 buy it
Because tortoiseshell transcends seasonality.

Caterina Bertini Woven Bucket Bag $130 buy it
Don’t think this one fully shuts, but it’s sure to be a delightful cherry on top of any summer ensemble.

Tibi Le Client Small Tote Bag $525 buy it
Because everyone needs one killer tote bag.

Serpui Marie TIna Clutch $276 buy it
Simultaneously campy and chic.

Zac Zac Posen Floral Bouquet Small… $250 buy it
A floral bag, done the three-dimensional way.

Nannacay Ola Bag $104 buy it
So fun you won’t care that all your stuff is basically fully exposed.

Staud Mini Shirley Bag $275 buy it
A classic (and it’ll stand up on its own!).

Sophie Anderson Mia Hand Embroidered… $385 buy it
Just give me every crossbody on offer, please.

WANT Mixed Messages Mini Beaded Bag $30 buy it

South Beach Exclusive Natural Beaded Bag $45 buy it
Everything you love about beaded bags—combined with everything you love about woven shoppers.

Santi Oval Gem Clutch $97.50 buy it
It’s bedazzled—what more could you possibly need to know?

Truss Small Top Handle Bag $210 buy it
Two pops of color are better than one.

Loeffler Randall Aria Mini Tote Bag $278 buy it
Zebra stripes are endlessly underrated.

Sam Edelman Vale Square Crossbody Bag $128 buy it
The perfect statement accessory for your next vacation.

Serpui Marie Farah Diba Miniaudiere $311 buy it
Tassels! Beads! Hot pink straw!

Iridescent Mini City Bag $29.90 buy it
All. Iridescent. Everything.

Ocean Tan Chain Shoulder Bag $55 buy it
That statement buckle, though.

Tiffany Beaded Kiss Lock Bag $69 buy it
This year’s aughts resurrection is filling the zeitgeist with all kinds of sparkly, beaded pieces—and I’m here for all of them.

Rose Ave Fabric Clutch $39.95 buy it
A clutch cute enough to justify its inconvenience.

Isabella Beaded Bucket Bag $19.99 buy it
It might only manage to hold your phone and wallet—but really, what more do you need?

Primecut Pouch Purse Crossbody $109.95 buy it
A trendy crossbody you’ll be carrying for years to come.

Straw Tote Bag $39.99 buy it
I mean. An absolute classic.

She's So Fun Beaded Bucket Bag $48 buy it
Honestly I just want to buy these and display them in my room.

Laura Ashley Kiss Lock Bag $19.99 buy it
More of an aesthetic choice than a practical one, but hey—it’s pretty cute.

Mango Beaded Shoulder Bag $27 buy it
Can’t stop, won’t stop shopping! beaded! bags!

Short Utility Crossbody Bag $64 buy it
Not your average crossbody.

Raffia Mini Hobo Tote $80 buy it
A raffia tote with just enough detail to keep things interesting.

Structured Leather Croc Belt Bag $79 buy it
The sleekest belt bag I’ve laid eyes on in a while.

Wooden Beaded Tote Bag $79 buy it
A beaded bag even the minimalist in your life could appreciate.


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