The Life-Changing iPad Situation You Need To Know About

I have to tell you, I will never go back to a traditional laptop. I can’t believe I’m even saying this. I’ve always been a laptop girl, but recently my whole entire computer vibe has changed. 

Recently a very talented artist named Mackenzie ( @by_mackenzie ) was showing me some pieces she had made for our house & she was showing me on the most incredible iPad set up. She had an amazing whtie keyboard with this stylus pen. I was immediately intrigued. She used it seamlessly, it was lightweight & she was using it for all her work. When I asked her about it she broke down the whole thing for me & explained it all. She raved about how it’s so good if you bring your work on the go – LOL you guys know I love to work at a foot spa

It’s also nice that the keyboard isn’t exactly attached to the iPad so you don’t have something directly on your lap giving off EMFs. I’ve always used my laptop on a stand or with my baby pink sleeve underneath it so I don’t have gross EMFs seeping into my legs. 

Obviously I got on board with the same iPad situation Mackenzie had ASAP. And every time I post about it on Instagram you guys DM me tons of questions, so I wanted to do a full blog post of the whole setup. 

This post is for the person who travels with their electronics, for the person who is creative or a writer ( maybe not so analytical ), for the person who likes to watch Netflix on their iPad, or who prefers their phone to a computer & not so bulky, lumbering situation when taking your screen on the go. 

Like, this whole situation will make you feel like your phone has a keyboard. You can switch off from touching the screen or using your keyboard & pen. It’s so fucking efficient & I LOVE IT. I think you guys will too. Ok, let’s get to what you’ll need. 

♡ Apple iPad Pro – 12.9 inch

The iPad is essential & I just can’t say enough good things about it. Over the years I’ve had a lot of iPads & this one is my favorite. Michael had it forever & I never really took to it until I had my own.

Like I said, it’s like having a huge phone & it’s truly streamlined my life. I love watching Housewives on it in bed, in the dark, LOL. I love writing my next book on it, I love returning emails on it, I love how easy it is to just open up & USE. I can’t say enough good things – highly recommend. 

♡ Magic Keyboard

This is the keyboard that will change your life. It’s key! The white one matches cute with the silver iPad & like I said, you can just go from using the keyboard to using the touch screen of the iPad so everything is just EASY.

It’s easy on my fingers, it’s good for carpal tunnel & you can even put it on your laptop stand, so let’s just go off on a tangent for a second. A laptop stand is a game-changer if you work off a laptop or an ipad. I’ve been using one for YEARS ( more here ), but I recently traded out my trusty metal one for this clear acrylic one

Here are some benefits:

♡ Raises notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomic support.
♡ Tilt design brings screen closer & improves airflow around laptop.
♡ Cable organizer behind routes wires neatly.
♡ Keeps neck neutral.
♡ Transforms your laptop into a comfortable work station.
♡ Helps prevent carpal tunnel & posture problems.

Anyway, back to the keyboard. It’s also a cover/case so it protects your screen & it won’t get all fucked up in your purse or if you drop it. The reviews are amazing! Some are:

Works great and is built to last. The lighted keys are an especially helpful function. The off-white color is visually appealing and does not show grime.

This is one of the coolest pieces of technology I have bought since my Apple Airpods! Highly recommended if you want to have a “fully working computer” either on the go or at home. The magnetic mechanism is awesome and my Apple Pencil magnetizes and sits at the top too! I went from using my old iPad once a month to the IPad Pro and Magic keyboard everyday! I’m in love.

Apple outdid themselves with the Magic Keyboard……the keyboard is as good as a MacBook Air…..very easy to type…and the touchpad is excellent….Have been using Apple products for many years and have very rarely been disappointed. Keep up the good work Apple.

So if you’re a student, entrepreneur, artist or work in an office you will love this magic keyboard. Moving right along…

♡ Apple Pencil

This pencil is so great if you like to draw & sketch things out. I’m a horrible artist, but I’m very visual & like to draw things out, especially when it comes to designing new product. It helps me show my team what I’m picturing in my brain. You can use it to circle screenshots, sketch out designs, sign documents, write quick notes, markup PDFs & lots of other stuff.

An optional addition to get some blue light blocking glasses too. Michael has been raving about the benefits of his because he’s been have eye issues recently.

So there you have it. That’s the whole iPad setup you guys have been asking about on Instagram. From now on when I post a picture of it I’ll link to this blog post so everything is organized in one place for you.

Just saying: this is a GREAT gift. So forward this to your significant other for a little wink wink, nudge nudge. Until next time,

lauryn, x

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