Top 10 Amazon Purchases of 2019

Hello, hello friends! First full week of 2020 - who's ready?! I have a notebook full of post ideas, but before I get to the new content, I wanted to look back at some of my favorite purchases from Amazon last year. I looked through all 109 orders that I placed and rounded up 10 that were my top favorites! These are all things that I've mentioned on the blog before, but having used them for the majority of last year, I thought it justified having a dedicated post to my most used and loved products!  

Purse organizer || This was one of my first purchases of 2019 and I bought it to help keep the disaster that is my LV Neverfull organized. It would work in any large tote and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. If you love carrying totes, but hate the mess / clutter, this will help you keep everything organized and in it's place. I've also seen a lot of people use it in place of a diaper bag. 

Makeup travel organizer || There were so many bloggers / youtubers that recommended this travel organizer last year. For $20 it keeps everything in place and the compartments can be customized with whatever sizes you need. Comes in 12 different colorways and really great to keep your makeup situation under control wherever you do your makeup and also when you travel. I liked it more for road trips since I didn't have to worry about luggage.

Evil eye bracelet || Sophia broke my evil eye  necklace and I wanted to something that I could wear every day (I never take it off) but that's dainty enough that it almost goes unnoticeable. This evil eye and hamsa bracelet is perfect! It's under $20 and one of my most loved and definitely most worn items in 2019!

Levaca Dress || I cannot begin to stress my love for this dress!! It's the perfect and most flattering dress that I have ever worn. I loved it so much that I bought the long sleeved version for the fall. I always have people asking about it when I wear it and it's also incredibly soft on your body. All around favorite dress and I will 100% be adding another color to my collection this year! 

Revlon Brush  (Linked via Target, because it's sold out on Amazon) || This brush was everywhere on the internet and Instagram this year and it 100% lived up to the hype. If you are someone that regularly blow dries your hair or likes to have professional blow outs, then this is for you. I always add a heat protectant to my hair which is about 60-75% dry. Then when drying, careful not to leave it too long near your scalp because it gets really hot. You're basically taking the blow dryer and the brush and fusing them together into this one tool! It's also great to keep second day hair looking nice and fresh. 

Yoga Pants || I was first introduced to these pants by Megan from Holy City Chic. After she kept singing their praises, I decided to purchase some and wouldn't you know - they are incredible. The pockets on the side are big enough for my larger than life iPhone. They are high waisted so they keep everything nice and in place and they feel like butter on your skin. Really - there is nothing to not love about them. I wore them so much that I bought another pair in navy!

Dry Erase Home Calendar || As much as I love having a digital calendar, the ability to see the entire month with what we have going on right there on our fridge has been awesome. It's been great for my mom as well who watches Sophia a few days a week and knows if we'll be home late or if Sophia has a doctor's appointment. Everything goes on the calendar and we're all a little less scattered because of it. Also came with 5 markers and an eraser!

Retractable Lint Roller || I bought this on a whim and didn't think I'd get much use out of it, but having it in my work bag has been a game changer. I don't know if I've been walking around super linty for the last few years or what, but lint be gone! My clothes are much happier and it's also easily one of the cutest lint rollers out there. 

Lip Sleeping Mask || Even though this is technically a lip treatment for nights, I use it all throughout the day. It leaves your lips feeling moisturized and I have to say - haven't had cracked or chapped lips in over a year! 

Cable Organizer || Our cable and charger situation was out of control before I purchased the cable organizer. Now instead of searching for an adapter or charger that I need for that one little thing that only takes the special USB adapter, I have it all in one place. It also makes packing for trips that much easier because I go to the organizer and pull out everything we need for the trip!

Those are my top most loved and used products of 2019! I also purchased so many items for Sophia, but I'll round those up in a favorites posts another day. What were your favorite purchases from Amazon in 2019?