Vote for our August 2021 U-Pick Sewing Project!

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It’s time for you to vote and pick the next free sewing tutorial that I’ll write for the SewCanShe blog! I love how you help me to know what to make next, because there are so many things that I want to sew, I could never get to them all.

In order to clear up any confusion that may occur, let me explain first… The three project ideas below (after the car organizer) are things that I haven’t made yet. You get to vote on your favorite and then I’ll sew up the most popular idea! It is inevitable that someone will email me asking where the tutorial is for one of the projects that didn’t win.

Even though I love all three projects and really want to make them all, I know I won’t have time. YOU get to tell me which one to make by voting. :)

So which project do you want me to re-invent and sew for you this month using my favorite fabrics? Show me by voting for it!


First I want to make sure you didn’t miss our free U-Pick sewing tutorial from last month… the Baguette Bag pattern. I’ve been carrying this little purse around with me constantly since I finished it. I was totally delighted to find that it fits in the side pocket of my car’s door. If you get frustrated trying to figure out where to put your purse in the car, just make this little bag because it fits in the door!

But I know what you really came here for is to vote… so let’s get on with picking our next sewing project!

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 12.07.21 AM.png

First up, as soon as I came across this hanging organizer, I knew I wanted to copy it! It’s supposed to be for organizing gift wrappings, but it would also be great for sewing notions, toiletries, or accessories in my closet!

Would you vote for it as our next sewing pattern?


It’s almost back to school (or work) time! For the older kids and grown ups, that means carrying a laptop and I haven’t written a laptop sleeve pattern yet. If I did, it would be something like this one and my Quilted iPad case.

Is this what you will pick for me to make August?


For the younger kids (and everyone who uses a pencil), these cute pencil cases would be even cuter in fabrics that I picked myself.

Are you going to help the this rectangular pencil case win?

Use the widget below to vote and tell me which sewing idea is the best!

Remember... you only have a week to vote! Whatever project wins, I'll be sewing my own  version and then giving you a tutorial soon after that. So vote below for the project that you'd like to see me sew!

Next Monday voting will be closed and I'll announce the winner. Then I'll get started sewing it up. Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter so you don’t miss the free tutorial.