Weekly AM/PM Travel Pill Organizer Just $3 on Amazon

Pill organizer

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Hurry over to Amazon where you can score this highly-rated Ezy Dose Weekly AM/PM Travel Pill Organizer for just $3.24 (regularly $5.99)!

This pill organizer features 14 compartments each marked with the day of the week and AM or PM to make it easy to see when you need to take your medicine. Each compartment has enough space to hold up to eight aspirin-sized pills.

Even better, each day’s compartment can be popped out on its own, making it convenient to take with you for travel.

AM:PM pill organizer

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The small size is great for travel or not taking up too much space in a backpack /purse. The structure is that there are 7 containers, divided into AM and PM which cannot be taken apart, but each of the 7 days may be snapped out, thus for a day trip, you could just pack the day and save space in the purse.

The lids are different colors for AM (blue) and PM (purple) which snap shut securely in my experience, I have had no pills dumping in my backpack. Each (AM or PM) compartment is approximately 1/2″ wide, 1 inch long, and 1″ deep, but there is a slight downward taper of the compartment such that at the bottom, where the lid snaps shut, the depth is 1/2″. While plastic, the lids seem like they will last a while. The daily compartment can be removed by pushing on the daily container using the holes in the bottom of the foundation/tray, depending on the size of your finger you may need to use a pen, but they snap out easily, but on the other hand, stay secure.

The number of pills you can put in an AM/PM compartment is of course dependent on the pill size, but I can fit 9 (not 10) generic 500 mg acetaminophen tablets in a compartment, which are about 3/16″ wide and 10/16th ” long and 4/16″ thick; each compartment is about 0.25cubic in (Volume = 1.0×0.5×0.5 = 0.25 inches^3).

The days are printed on the base of the unit where the 7 AM/PM compartments snap in, in the sequence of Sunday through Saturday. These are in ink but can be removed with a fingernail and an alcohol pad; for example, if you want a different start day conceptually you could remove and use a fine tip permanent marker (or label printer) and adjust the daily sequence. The days are also labeled by Braille, plastic bumps, which cannot be removed unless you sandpaper them off. Overall very please, nice quality that I think will last, fits well in my travel/day packs, and for me fits my daily pill needs.

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