When you have guests, what is the first thing they see when they walk through your front door? Is there a place to hang their coat? How about a spot to plop a purse?

Like it or not, an entryway can make or break a guest’s pleasant experience in your home because it becomes awkward when there is no dedicated spot to kick off their shoes. But what do you do when your front door leads straight into the living room with no entryway to speak of? You get creative and make one, of course! Take a look at these 25 entryway ideas for your entryway-less home.

25 Ways to Create a Welcoming First Impression for Your Home
1. Grab a Corner

An entryway doesn’t need to be a complicated affair. If you have a small corner close to your door, hijack it to work as a foyer space for you! Even just a chair with a pillow on it invites guests to sit and slip off their shoes before they make themselves at home. (via Design Sponge)

2. Wall Hooks

If you’re short on floor space when you enter your living room then a coat rack is probably out of the question. But you can easily look up to the wall for some entryway storage space. Provide a row of hooks to hold jackets or hats or purses. A good rule is to have one for each family member, plus a guest hook. (via Camille Styles)

3. Rugs

Have you ever noticed how a rug can separate a certain space from the rest? Put a small rug or a runner on the floor by the door and it will create the look of a separate entryway, without having an actual room. (via Design Sponge)

4. Shoe Storage

When I was young, I was taught that taking off my shoes when I enter someone’s home was a sign of good manners. If you’ve got the same principle working for you in your home, you’ll want to provide some type of shoe storage near the entry to your home. Whether it is a tray, a mat, or even a basket, you should have a space that clearly tells your guests to leave their shoes there. (via The Curtis Casa)

5. Wallpaper

Remember what I said about hijacking a corner for an entryway? Well if you’re going to go all out, don’t be afraid to put up some wallpaper to make the foyer space really stand out. It’s a surefire way to separate the entryway from the living room and it will make you smile every time you get home. (via Nalle’s House)

6. Table Space

Sometimes, large entryway furniture is just impossible in your small space. Install a small floating shelf that can greet guests with some flowers and a photo while keeping the floor space clear for shoes and bags.

7. Creative Storage

Trying to make a tiny entryway space stand out from the crowd can be a bit difficult. Try thinking outside the box when it comes to storage for a look that’s truly unique. Use an antler or a branch for hooks. Try a crate or a suitcase to hold your shoes. In the end, you will have a look that’s a little bit eclectic and a lot enjoyable. (via Daisy Knows Best)

8. Mirrors

Are you afraid that adding an entryway space will make your living room seem smaller? Adding a mirror will dissolve that fear. Not only will it reflect light into the room, but it will also make space look bigger. Plus you’ll be glad you have it when you need those last-minute hair checks before walking out the door. (via Amber Interiors)

9. Gallery Wall

A simple way to personalize an entryway space is to add a gallery wall. Whether you choose family photos, inspirational quotes, or beautiful prints, no one entering your home will be able to miss your unique style.

10. Houseplants

You were just waiting for this one, weren’t you… Greet your guests with a bit of green in your foyer space. Succulents will do great in low light or you can hang a vining plant if you don’t have the surface space for a pot. Either way, it will definitely liven up your entryway. (via SF Girl By Bay)

11. Entryway Feature Wall

Creatively Living shows us how to create this DIY entryway feature wall project that creates a welcoming first impression to any home. As you can see in the project, they removed a previous dark color of paint to give a light and airy feeling to this space when you first enter the hallway. To add more light to the space, add a modern mirror and a lampshade into the area, which will create a warm welcome to your house. This compact table also provides plenty of storage space to keep anything from finding its way onto the floor and cluttering up your home.

12. A Hook Wall

For anyone who is sick and tired of their family members dropping coats on the floor or the furniture when they get home, you’ll love this DIY hook wall from The DIY Mommy. This board and batten wall is perfect for the entry to your home and gives a little more character to the space than a standard hook wall organizer. It’s a simple project to complete yet will look absolutely stunning in any home. Add hooks at different heights if you have younger children, so they’ll have a designated space to store their coats when they return home from school each day.

13. A Family Organizer

If you have a large family, it’s so important to try and keep the entryway clean and tidy, so you aren’t tripping over items when you pass through the door. We love this family organizer from Family Handyman, which creates a functional yet stylish locker system. The best way to keep your home tidy is to assign everyone their own space to put their belongings. There’s enough room here to add backpacks and everything else you might need to grab quickly on your way out each day as you head to school or work.

14. Storage Baskets

The Blissful Bee shares this entryway project which uses large storage baskets to keep junk and shoes hidden from view. We love how easily these baskets fit underneath the table, and their material and texture suit the décor of this home perfectly. As they are tucked away, you can’t see anything that’s inside the basket, so you can hide everything that would otherwise be left on the floor from view. They are perfect for kids who have backpacks and items for school, as they can just dump them inside the basket when they return home each afternoon.

15. An All-in-One Storage Device

For anyone who is short of space in their entryway, we recommend creating an all-in-one storage solution in your home. The Weekend Country Girl shows us how to make this unique project that uses an old dresser and transforms it into a storage area and seating for your entryway. This piece of furniture will be a really unique addition to your home and is also extremely functional for your entryway. We love the pale color that it’s been painted in for this project, as it won’t feel too chunky in even the smallest entryway.

16. Storage Crates

The Verden shares this fun storage idea for an entryway. It’s a great way to minimize the floor space you use and can make a colorful and bold statement at the entryway to your home. Households can designate each member of the family a space to store their bags, shoes, and books. You can paint each crate a different color for some variety and personalization or make them all a more neutral shade to blend in with your walls. Crates come in all shapes and sizes, so this project is suitable for any home.

17. Boot Tray

Families who enjoy spending time outdoors know how tricky it can be to deal with muddy boots when you enter back into your home. If you have light carpets or rugs, you risk staining the material, and it can be very challenging to remove mud stains. This boot tray is the ideal way to store dirty or wet boots and shoes and won’t take up much space in your entryway. Southern Revivals shows us how to make a boot tray from scratch in this simple DIY project for your home.

18. Use A Nearby Closet

Homes that are blessed with a closet near their entryway can utilize this space to create a hidden storage area. Abby Lawson has transformed a closet into a complete storage solution for her home, and these clear drawers make storing smaller items much easier. Even a tiny closet can provide ample room for storage, and kids can have a drawer for their school books or stationary. In the winter, you’ll also appreciate having somewhere to put gloves, hats, and scarves, which often get lost if they are left out in the entryway.

19. Storage for Bags and Backpacks

I’m Bat Mom offers us this simple DIY project that would be ideal for families with a few children who are of school age. You can personalize each child’s space with their name on the board or add a fun message to make them smile before they head to school each day. The great thing about this project is that it doesn’t require much space at all but will clear bags, coats, and other accessories off the floor and onto the wall. It’s a fun project for a free weekend and will completely transform the entryway to your family home.

20. Hanging Bike Storage

For anyone who loves to cycle but struggles to find space in their apartment or home to keep their bike, consider hanging bike storage. Your bike will not only have a place in your home when not in use but also will look like a funky piece of modern art on your wall. IKEA Hackers shows you how to create the mounts for your bike, and this project will barely take any time for you to complete this weekend.

21. Tiny Console Table

We all need a space to drop our keys and smaller items when we return home. However, in many homes and apartments, we are limited for space for a full table or cabinet in the entryway. Hey, Let’s Make Stuff shares this console table which barely sticks out from the wall yet is big enough to put your keys, phone, and mail on. The best thing about this idea for your entryway is that it only costs $22 to make, so it is a solution to fit anyone’s budget when redecorating this year.

22. A Genius Shelving Unit

Sometimes you need to think outside of the box when it comes to making the most of your entryway. We love this project from Hunker that combines two shelves to give you somewhere to hang keys and important items. However, you’ll also enjoy a beautiful mood board where you can add plants, notes, or any other accessories you like to brighten up a modern entryway.

23. Organize Your Mail

Mail and important documents can easily get scattered all over an entryway. This idea from IKEA Hackers uses a napkin holder to make a hanging mail organizer for your home’s entrance. You won’t have a stack of mail on your side table anymore, and you can literally put this on any small space on your wall. It’s perfect for entryways of any size or shape, and you can always add one per person in your family if you have a lot of mail or paper floating around.

24. Narrow Family Command Center

Many homes lack the width that’s needed for a family command center with seating in their home. The Creativity Exchange shares this DIY project that barely sticks out from the wall but provides the hanging and storage space you would need for a whole family. Everyone has a hook for their coat and bag, and you can add hats and scarves in the winter as well. We love the addition of baskets underneath, keeping school items and accessories off the floor and hidden from view.

25. A Simple Bench

The Merrythought shows us how to make this simple bench that will add some much-needed seating to your entryway. If you are trying to create a minimalistic look in your entryway, this is the perfect solution. The addition of a couple of pieces of art or wall hangings above will also add some character to any home’s entrance. Underneath the seat, you’ll find space to store everyone’s shoes, so they’ll be kept neatly off the floor.


All of these ideas can be combined to create the perfect entryway for your home. Even if you are limited on space in your home, you’ll find some unique ideas here which can provide you with storage for your whole family. Make the most of your walls, closets, and tables to keep clothing and shoes off the floor and tucked away to avoid any visitors tripping over. You don’t need to spend a fortune to transform this area of your home. With a little imagination, you can create a fantastic first impression for anyone who steps foot in your house or apartment.

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