Shop here base shaper 1 8 thick clear acrylic for lv louis vuitton keepall 55 duffle bag tote handbag purse insert plexiglas plexiglass bottom plastic

Base Shaper 1/8" Thick Clear Acrylic for LV Louis Vuitton KEEPALL 55 Duffle Bag, Tote, Handbag, Purse Insert, Plexiglas, Plexiglass Bottom, Plastic

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Brand: Ucrafty

Color: Clear

Details: Amazon seller "Ucrafty" product: We guarantee this base shaper will fit your authentic bag perfectly or we'll send you another one completely free. If you run into any problems please contact us. We're more than willing to accommodate any issue. -Please note other sellers who sell our item are selling a copy and may not offer the same guarantee or quality of product- The 1/8" Crystal Clear Acrylic thickness is the size that is most common on the market. The 1/8" acrylic weighs a few ounces and has less flex than the 1/16" but is more stiff than them all and hold your bag's shape the best. This base shaper is 10X stronger than glass. All corners and edges are rounded and designer ready so it doesn't damage your liner. Base Shapers made by seller Ucrafty are made of the highest quality materials and are very carefully hand crafted by us right here in the USA. We round off all the corners as well as sand and polish all edges so no damage is done to the inner lining of your designer bag. We make ALL of our base shapers smooth and designer ready. We go as far as hand sanding the corners and edges along with using actual polish to buff the shine back after sanding. I hope word gets out that there is a *right way* and *wrong way* to make a quality acrylic base shaper for designer bags. Many sellers just want to put a few dollars in their pocket by selling you a piece of acrylic, but they don't put the time and effort into making it *designer ready*. Those base shapers have sharp edges and cause wear to your inner liner. There's no excuse for a base shaper to cause damage to your bag. We truly wish more people cared about other people's designer bags more than putting a few dollars in their pocket. You can be confident that this base shaper is designer ready! Our customers love them!

EAN: 6910312824680