Purse Insert Organizer
Purse Insert Organizer

Purse Insert Organizer

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Tired of transferring and reorganizing things in your handbags all the time? Time to get the Purse Insert Organizer! This organizer is especially designed with 13 pockets in ideal sizes that can organize all the things you normally carry in your handbag. It is portable and efficient and it comes in a size that fits in most handbags. It keeps your things in place neatly and efficiently while protecting your purse interior from being damaged by spillage of cosmetics pens and stains that comes from rubbing with metals such as your keys. This organizer can easily transfer all your things from one bag to another in seconds.

  • Fits in a variety of model and luxury handbags. Keeps all the things in your handbag organized.
  • Multi pockets purse organizer, easily organizes your cosmetics,smartphone, glasses,travel goods etc.
  • Lightweight and sturdy,soft and durable.
  • Easy to take out to swap with another handbag
  • Prevents sharp objects(e.g. pens,keys,etc.) from damaging/scratching your bag
  • 11 Pockets in total5 Exterior pockets, 3 Interior side pockets, 1 Removable set of 3 middle pockets with Velcro

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  • Material: Felt
  • Size: 26cm x 15cm x 14cm (Large), 22cm x 11cm x 13cm (Small)
  • Package Includes: 1 x Purse Insert Organizer